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Companies with APIs that are included in this City Government APIs research, with API detail when it exists.

Albany, NY openAlbany supports government transparency, openness and innovative uses of municipal data that can help improve the lives of Albany residents, visitors and businesses. (US-City-Government)
Albuquerque, NM Information about the City of Albuquerques project for open government and transparency. (US-City-Government)
Anchorage, AK This is the overview page where you can see the state of open data across each key dataset. (US-City-Government)
Austin, TX The City of Austin Open Data Portal at data.austintexas.gov provides public access to datasets from the Austin municipal government. It uses the Socrata data portal software to help you share data, visualize it in charts, and perform lightweight analysis. (US-City-Government)
Baltimore, MD The goal of OpenBaltimore is to provide, to the public, access to City data in an effort that supports government transparency, openness and innovative uses that will help improve the lives of Baltimore residents, visitors and businesses through use of technology. OpenBaltimore will enable the local developer community to develop applications that will hopefully help the city solve problems. (Baltimore,City Government,Datasets,US-City-Government)
Boulder, CO Welcome to Boulders Open Data Catalog. The purpose of Boulder Open Data Catalog is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the City of Boulder. We invite you to actively participate in shaping the future of Boulders Open Data Catalog by contacting us to suggest additional datasets or building and submitting applications with the available data. (US-City-Government)
Buffalo, NY Understanding the City of Buffalo through open source data-driven initiatives. (US-City-Government)
Cambridge, MA The City of Cambridge is committed to using technology to increase accessibility to and transparency of information owned by the City. Providing information through our Open Data Portal is one means through which the City can foster engagement and collaboration with its citizenry. Our overall goal is to make government data available in easy to find and usable formats, therefore creating meaningful opportunities for the public to help solve complex challenges. (US-City-Government)
Chandler, AZ OpenChandler is the gathering place for people looking to foster civic participation and facilitate communication between citizens and government.u00c2 The goal is to have events, share data, build applications and have conversations to make Chandler, Arizona the place we want it to be. (US-City-Government)
Chattanooga The Open Chattanooga Brigade empowers citizens with City data to tell stories, solve problems, and better interact with their government. A local chapter of the Code for America Brigade since 2012, our Brigade is seeking creative thinkers, neighborhood advocates, data nerds, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs to help develop meaningful solutions to local issues. The Brigade is the citizen arm of Open Chattanooga and needs the passion and skills to make the Collaboratives efforts meaningful. (US-City-Government)
Chicago, IL The City of Chicagos Data Portal is dedicated to promoting access to government data and encouraging the development of creative tools to engage and serve Chicagos diverse community. The site hosts over 200 datasets presented in easy-to-use formats about City departments, services, facilities and performance. The catalog presented below lists datasets alphabetically and links back to each set on the Portal. (US-City-Government)
Cincinnati, OH The Citys data belongs to our citizens and the public. The City of Cincinnati will provide access to government data to improve services, increase accountability and stimulate economic activity. To provide access to government data, encourage the development of creative tools to engage, serve and improve our neighborhoods and the quality of life of our residents. (US-City-Government)
CitizensConnect Citizens Connect is the City of Bostons award-winning effort to empower residents to be the Citys eyes and ears. Now you can alert the City of Boston to neighborhood issues such as potholes, damaged signs, and graffiti. (City Government,City Organizations,US-City-Government)
Dallas, TX Welcome to the City of Dallas open data portal. Explore, create, innovate, engage, share. (US-City-Government)
Denver, CO This catalog was created in partnership with Open Colorado. To search for open data provided by other government organizations in Colorado please visit the Open Colorado Data Catalog. (US-City-Government)
Detroit, MI Providing accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive informed decision-making. (US-City-Government)
Fort Worth, TX Welcome to the City of Fort Worth open data portal. (US-City-Government)
Honolulu, HI E Komo Mai! Welcome to City and County of Honolulus open data portal. (US-City-Government)
Houston, TX Welcome to the Houston open data portal. Search for city-related data and maps or upload datasets. (US-City-Government)
Indianapolis, IN Explore Data for the Indianapolis, Indiana Civic Hack Days. Documentation available at dev.socrata.com (US-City-Government)
Jersey City, NJ Jersey City Community Open Data Portal is a collection of data compiled and maintained by local residents, journalists and #opendata afficionados to enhance transparency and encourage #civictech and #dataforgood digital projects. It includes links to official documents published by the City of Jersey City. (US-City-Government)
Kansas City, MO Open data allows Kansas City to be more transparent, and allows citizens to be better-informed participants in democratic processes. Open data also provides for better organizational efficiency for programs like KCStat, and allows civic entrepreneurs to more easily build technological solutions to improve City services. (US-City-Government)
Las Vegas, NV Machine readable data sets for programmers. Independent software developers are encouraged to use the Cityu2019s available data sets to build any application they can imagine. (US-City-Government)
Lexington, KY Welcome to Lexingtonu2019s open data portal, a collaborative effort between LFUCG and the community. Our mission is to promote the openness, transparency and accountability of local government by providing high-value government data in standards compliant, machine readable format. This will serve as the basis for the creation of useful civic applications by third party developers. (US-City-Government)
Long Beach, CA openLB is your one-stop shop for data and information about Long Beach. Click any of the tiles to the left, and youu2019ll have access to health stats, demographic info, the latest news, and much more. (US-City-Government)
Los Angeles, CA We are sharing city data with the public to increase transparency, accountability and customer service and to empower companies, individuals and non-profit organizations with the ability to harness a vast array of useful information to improve life in our city. I hope that this data will help drive innovation and problem solving within the public and private sectors and that Angelenos will use it to more deeply understand and engage with their city. I encourage you to explore data.lacity.org to conduct research, develop apps or simply to poke around. (US-City-Government)
Louisville, KY Louisville Metro Government is committed to increasing the openness and transparency of city government. This new and improved site is helping with our goal by providing anytime access and views into the very latest city data in an easy to use format (US-City-Government)
Madison, WI The City of Madison Data initiative increases the availability of city data using open standards which will make the operation of city government more transparent, effective and accountable to the public. To encourage open access to government data, the City of Madison publishes a wide range of approved city datasets and makes them available at the City of Madison Data portal. (US-City-Government)
Memphis, TN Search the City of Memphis, public records using best found research sources online. This City zip code is 37501 with a total population of 646,889. Look up recorded information of Memphis, including demographics and local economy. Link to all levels of Memphis, government and their sites with services which provide public information. Current economy, business and housing data. Read about up to date current events and what is occurring in the City of Memphis. Find out about the background of residents and recorded statistics. Request criminal records specific to the City of Memphis, from law enforcement departments with access to the states repository with official background check of arrests and convicted felonies. Access a directory aimed toward producing open public records and instant information available online. Memphis sources are added on a regular basis for the best and most current services. (US-City-Government)
Miami, FL Taxpayers have a powerful new tool to get a closer look at County expenditures, financial reports, salaries, public data and other information. (US-City-Government)
Nashville, TN Welcome to Metro Governmentu2019s Open Data Portal. As part of Nashvilleu2019s Open Data Initiative, this site is the destination for the public to access Metro Government data in a new way. My signing of the Metro Nashville Open Data Executive Order outlines my belief that by pushing datasets out, Metro departments and agencies empower the public to partner with Metro Government. Through this site, we aim to co-create with civic technologists innovative web resources, insightful analytics on public programs and services, and new civic apps for the community. Visit us often for updates. I look forward to seeing where our communityu2019s creativity and exploration of open data will take us.n (US-City-Government)
New Orleans, LA Data.Nola.Gov makes datasets for the City of New Orleans accessible. Categories include demographic data, geographic reference, and more. The website also provides several data view options, calendars, and eventually access to forms. Data.Nola.Gov uses the Socrata Open Data API, which supports a RESTful protocol and returns responses in a variety of formats including JSON and XML. (API-Stack,City Government,City-Stack,Louisiana,New Orleans,US-City-Government)
Newark, NJ Our mission is to promote the openness, transparency and accountability of government by providing high-value government data in standards compliant, machine readable format. This will serve as the basis for the creation of useful civic applications by third party developers. (US-City-Government)
NYC IT u0026 Telecomm NYC Open Data is a collection of 750 New York City public datasets made available by city agencies and organizations. Some of the popular data includes parking facilities, federal stimulus expenditures and electric consumption by zip code. Also included are Open 311 service requests, health and education data. (API-Stack,City Government,City-Stack,US-City-Government)
Oakland, CA We make tools. They increase access to public information. Some help Oaklanders engage more effectively with local government and with each other. We collaborate with Oaklandu2019s civic stakeholders. We help civic-minded volunteers make a difference in their city. (US-City-Government)
Oklahoma City, OK Oklahomans now have access to a variety of Oklahoma data to view and download. This site provides open Oklahoma government data that is not easily provided within the Interactive Player of the Oklahoma Data Center. Keep up-to-date with Oklahoma government by visiting these two sites frequently. State agencies can gain access to loading data to the Oklahoma Data Center by contacting OK.gov. (US-City-Government)
OpenDataPhilly OpenDataPhilly is a portal that provides access to over 175 data sets, applications, and APIs related to the Philadelphia region. Built by Azavea, a Philadelphia-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software firm, it is now operated by the Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network, a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization. OpenDataPhilly is based on the idea that providing free and easy access to data information encourages better and more transparent government and a more engaged and knowledgeable citizenry. (API-Stack,City Government,City-Stack,Datasets,Pennsylvania,Philadelphia,US-City-Government)
Palo Alto, CA The API allows direct access to the data published in the City of Palo Alto Open Data site from your applications. It uses a RESTful interface and returns the data in JSON format. Data streams invoked through the API provide online and standarized access to data contained in HTML pages, XLS, CSV and other similar file types available on Internet. (California,City Government,Datasets,Palo Alto,US-City-Government)
Philadelphia A collection of open data APIs from the City of Philadelphia. These APIs are being made available to participants in civic hackathons and other events to provide easy access to useful civic data. Build an app or solution to make your city better. (API-Stack,City Government,City-Stack,Geodata,Pennsylvania,Philadelphia,Philadelphia geodata,US-City-Government)
Phoenix, AZ PHXdata seeks to unite technologists in the Phoenix area who are engaged in data mining, parsing, visualization, etc. It also serves as a platform for journalists and government officials to connect with civic hackers who want to take public data and make it useful. (US-City-Government)
Pittsburgh, PA The Analytics team is responsible for managing the Open Data program, the Lean Six Sigma process improvement project, building performance management tools, and a variety of analytics and application development projects. (US-City-Government)
Portland, OR CivicApps is a open data / open source project sponsored by several Portland-area government agencies. Currently over 120 civic data sets are available, including geographic, 911, transit, streets, and parks data. (API-Stack,City Government,City-Stack,Portland,US-City-Government)
Raleigh, NC The City of Raleigh is a partner in the open government community and strives to become a worldwide model for an open source city. Through the Open Raleigh initiative, the City seeks to develop opportunities for economic development, commerce, increased investment, and civic engagement. (US-City-Government)
Reno, NV Welcome to OpenDataReno, a place to see and exchange data relevant to the greater Reno/Sparks/Washoe County area. Feel free to browse! If you are interested in contributing data, please sign up for an account and well be happy to help you. (US-City-Government)
Riverside, CA The City of Riverside is committed to providing the public with as much information as possible to promote accountability and trust in government. Engage Riverside is designed to make this information accessible to the public in a central location and provide a launching pad for future transparency efforts. From the city budget to the City Manageru2019s employment agreement, documents that track how city government works can be found on this site. (US-City-Government)
Sacramento, CA Welcome to City of Sacramento open data portal. Our mission is to promote the openness, transparency and accountability of city government by providing high-value government data. This site is dedicated to providing citizens with access and insight into the citys information in standards compliant, machine readable and an easy to use format. This will serve as the basis for the creation of useful civic applications by third party developers. (US-City-Government)
Saint Louis, MO The City of St. Louis provides an application programming interface [en.wikipedia.org] (API) for developers to access some of the Citys public data. (US-City-Government)
San Antonio, TX Public access for citizens to review or obtain public records. The City has provided citizens a means of requesting open records. (US-City-Government)
San Diego, CA Better data for better government and better communities. The San Diego Regional Data Library acquires data for use in civic and social improvements and links data-savvy volunteers with organization that need help. (US-City-Government)
San Francisco The City of San Francisco Open Data Portal is is provided by the City and County of San Francisco to enhance open government, transparency, and accountability by improving access to data. The Open Data Portal is a one-stop destination for all approved City data that will help constituents make better use of information. This new ease of access will lead to innovation in how residents interact with government, resulting in social and economic benefits for the City. (API LIfeycle,API-Stack,California,City Government,City-Stack,San Francisco,US-City-Government)
San Jose, CA The City of San Josu00e9 is committed to open and transparent government and strives to consistently meet its communityu2019s expectations by providing excellent service in a positive, timely, and transparent manner. It is the duty of City government to serve the public, reaching its decisions and conducting its activities in full view of the public. (US-City-Government)
Scottsdale, AZ Data feeds are used for distributing data across the internet in a machine readable format. The City uses the Open Data Protocol (OData) to make public datasets available as queryable data feeds. Any software that understands OData feeds can be used to browse the data. One way you will be able to quickly begin interacting with the Cityu2019s public data feeds is with Microsoft Excel and the PowerPivot plugin. (US-City-Government)
Seattle, WA Data.Seattle.Gov provides access to datasets provided by various departments of Seattle City Government, including the City Budget Office, Seattle Fire Department, Department of Transportation, and many more. Data.Seattle.Gov uses the Socrata Open Data API, which uses the REST protocol. (API-Stack,City Government,City-Stack,Datasets,Seattle,US-City-Government)
Somerville, MA City of Somerville is one of the leading users of open data for citizen empowerment. From Somervilleu2019s open data portal, citizens can access status updates on 311 requests (and even get a photo of the progress), the cityu2019s budget for the following year, where rats have been sighted around town, health clinic data, missed garbage can picks ups and much more. Somerville is a small town with a big vision. (US-City-Government)
South Bend, IN In an effort to increase transparency, spur innovation and generate data-based solutions, the City of South Bend has created an Open Data PlatformExternal Link. This platform holds information about city finances, services and code enforcement, enabling city residents better access information. In addition, the Open Data platform enables the city to better understand captured data and develop data-based solutions to challenging problems. With features that allow government officials and citizens alike to view more information than ever before, South Bend is on the cutting edge of municipal technology, promoting innovative solutions and transparency. (US-City-Government)
Toledo, OH This is the overview page where you can see the state of open data across each key dataset. (US-City-Government)
Tucson, AZ The City is currently working with a third-party company to develop a new open data portal that will provide the same one-stop access to data, but with additional functionality such as data filtering, graphing, and mapping. (US-City-Government)
Tulsa, OK The City of Tulsa has historically taken strides to provide open-record information to the citizens of Tulsa. Over the last several years, the Citys website has received the highest A+ rating from the Sunshine Review organization for government transparency. In May 2013, the Tulsa City Council and Mayor of Tulsa adopted the Open and Accessible Data Resolution, with direction to provide more data online and work toward a higher level of transpare (US-City-Government)
Twin Cities, MN Open Twin Cities fosters an inclusive community of civic collaboration and champions open government and civic technology for positive social impact. (US-City-Government)
Virginia Beach, VA Hampton Roads Open Datasets. A growing list of links to public data that we can use. (US-City-Government)
Washington, DC The District of Columbia GIS (DC GIS) community wants to ensure the Districtu2019s data is as open, discoverable and usable as possible in the hopes of fostering greater participation and collaboration. Search the site for datasets by topic, explore featured datasets or review the full list of DC Data sets. (US-City-Government)